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Mary Guaragna

Mary Guaragna

Your Premier Real Estate Agent


I started my real estate career at age 19 in my hometown, Bronx, New York. I always had a passion for Real Estate. Not sure what would draw a 19 year old to real estate other than I loved those single family homes especially in Westchester. I got married in 1988 and moved to Maryland. I was still licensed in NY until 1993.

After getting married in 1988, we wasted no time in starting our family. With four children ages 4 years and under two of which were twins, I really did not have time for anything else but to raise my family. When the children were older, I started working at Q. Williams Real Estate Associates and decided to get my Maryland real estate license. After a few years, I decided to study for my broker's license. I am a proponent for continuing education, especially in Real Estate where guidelines and laws change all the time. I am so blessed to have great clients that through this process of buying or selling they become part of my extended family.

At Q. Williams Real Estate Associates we have kept the pace, adapting to rapid growth and a changing economy while maintaining standards and integrity. Please explore the resources within this website, and contact me with any questions or comments.

As an active full time agent, I am available to address all of your real estate needs.

Please give me a call or email when you are ready to visit some homes, or to schedule a free home selling consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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